COVID-19 Journal: Day 283

Happy Christmas.

I was booked on a flight on 30 December to go home for 6 months, but that was cancelled. I'm working on it, like the tens of thousands of other Australians who are trying to go home. My home state is only letting in 600 people a week so the quarantine procedure doesn't get overwhelmed. 

I had made many major plans in order for this to work. These plans have gone somewhat awry. I'm working on it. 

I'm fucked off, but also feeling a bit frozen, as in fight, flight, freeze. 

Here are some photos of my life since Day 271 to make up for not writing. I do think my Big Anxiety has still cleared though, which is interesting. Or maybe I'm just not seeing it because I've frozen. Thank you to many friends who have checked in and/or helped with excellent friending since I got the cancellation news, oh and the news that I didn't get that cool job (received the day before the cancellation which was received the day before Christmas) because I was apparently too confident and direct (?).

Christmas Pudding from Local Restaurant from which I purchased a Christmas Banquet for One

A clear view from Parliament Hill

My Christmas present to myself was a new iPhone. The camera is fucking amazing. (That's moonlight.)


London traditions keeping it real

Jenn helping make Boxes! I'd almost sent all of the ones I can before I left for Aus. The courier I'd arranged to come today hasn't turned up. That's the 945th cut, the n-1th straw.

Here's some bits of my aforementioned Christmas Banquet for One. There was SAUCE.

Here's Katy taking me out for a walk yesterday in Epping Forest. Grey hair!!!!! 

Here's a trophy I made for my friend who did an absolutely hilarious thing called a Bullseye Down (or something) at our Zoom Christmas Party thing. I haven't laughed that much in at least 283 days, so I thought I'd present an award.

It looks like I may be closer to Hampstead Heath in the coming weeks, so if you fancy a Cold As Fuck walk, HMU.