COVID-19 Journal: Day 304

Whoops almost forgot and then just remembered that yesterday I said I'd try and do this each day again or close to it, so here we are.

Last night I attended the first session of an online creative writing class with actual strangers and a teacher and it was awesome so now I'm free-writing this which was the first exercise we did, and to be honest most of the journal entries I've made are a bit like this anyway. You're just supposed to write and see where you end up and we're supposed to practice it each day. We have homework too, which is exciting. Someone asking me for something! YES. Impetus. That's it! Yeah! I wrote a thing about Green and a thing about Pink and it's good because we don't have to show anybody, it's really just practice. I think it'll be fun to complete each Monday evening. There are 8 strangers and a teacher and that's the first time I've been in a group like that for 304+ days, which I'm enjoying. There's one chap who's in Brussels and he had funny lighting that looked like a Bruegel or whatever and I cracked a joke about candlelight. I've discovered how much I like being a joker, so it was good to wiggle that a little bit in front of new people. GOD I MISS NEW PEOPLE.

Today I went to another event about destroying the patriarchy which was fun too although I felt like a lot of these conversations are a bit like we know we want and have to change it all and we really really mean it band here are some of the concepts that surround the theories about power and systems and dynamics and what do you think and do you have any reactions to anything from the group and WHERE DO WE START. But there are a ton of folks doing practical direct work about running organisations differently etc and supporting work differently etc which is exciting but then every now and then your interesting liberated org has to exchange something with The System and it's potentially illegal for you to not pay The Man something and then it's all boring again. I know and detest this interaction often as a small business person. Admin is my least favourite thing about being liberated enough to run my own thing. We say it's a necessary evil but isn't that the whole thing?

Anyway it's Dolly Parton's birthday today and she's magic. And a Capricorn like me which makes perfect sense.

Happy birthday, Dolly Parton. I have no idea how old you are or why your waist is so miniscule.

And anyway what's possibly even better is that I got a fantastic parcel all the way from India this morning and at the very last moment it was jammed into my letter slot on my door which may have damaged it slightly but what the hell a book like Ghosts, Monsters, and Demons in India needs a bit of bloody patina wouldn't you say?

It's like the perfect book for me, or something.