COVID-19 Journal: Day 305

Naturally I began today tweeting to the ether that my job for today was to listen to Kate Raworth's book called Doughnut Economics. I did so. I'm enjoying it. 

It's history and critique and statistics and information and a roadmap, all about economics and the planet and humanity. Then I was a bit shocked to hear from Kate Raworth via Twitter wishing me luck which is amazing because she's quite famous now because her book and work is well-known and widely used.

I took the liberty of directing her to one of my favourite Star Trek moments, from the movie First Contact, where Picard and Lily discuss how economics is a little different in the future...

The even bigger story of today is that Lying Racist Cheeto Fascist is OUT. Finally out. This is the last time I'll write about L.R.C.F., so that's a relief.

I watched the inauguration on telly. I had a tiny party. 


I cried a bit. It was solemn but still with pomp and ceremony. Seeing Kamala Harris inaugurated, listening to Joe Biden's speech, and My Golly, Amanda Gorman and her poetry and recitation? Wow. What a beacon. Lady Gaga was super excited and looked amazing, and JLO was the gorgeous proud Latina she is, and I can't remember when Garth Brooks was on, but I sang along with whomever on the planet was also singing the last verse of Amazing Grace and that tipped me off the edge to full blubbering. With joy. Actual joy, which can be overwhelming. 

Then I made sausage and lentils for tea - and Hasselback potatoes? I'll make them again. Now I have Becoming on in the background as I write that Michelle Obama should definitely be Queen of Earth, not only because she is very good with people, but also she looks like Queen of Earth, and Kate Raworth rightly argues we need global answers to our troubles.

Queen of Earth and her husband

Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. 

I'll listen to more of Doughnut Economics; do some work on Museum in a Box - there's an announcement coming out soon about a big commission we've been working on for several months. It's good. I'll link to it here when it's up.