COVID-19 Journal: Day 307

Thank god I've defeated the lentils. No actually they were delicious and lasted me three days of meals. I had "lunch" at... 16:21.

Just one sausage left. Buttery toast, obvs.

Quite a lot happened today, but I can't really remember what. Spoke to several other humans, either phone or Skype, which was refreshing. A friend in Liverpool, one in Maryland, another in Massachusetts, one in Somerset. Now I'm watching British design critic, Alice Rawsthorn, interview Dutch book designer, Irma Bloom on Instagram. I've half-listened to another bite of Doughnut Economics, but wasn't paying enough attention so stopped.

Oh! I've remembered most of what I did. That's announce the biggest deployment yet of Museum in a Box. 45 of 'em are now housed at the Royal Mint Museum in Llantrisant, Wales, and available free of charge to be borrowed by any care home in the UK, to stimulate chats about what it was like to live when decimal currency came in, in February 1971.

Here's the Queen in Llantrisant, when the new Mint was opened there:

I've found myself watching the new White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, who appears to be a functioning human and is good at remaining calm, and knows everyone's names. 

Jen Psaki

Finally, I removed "Trump Administration" from my news homepage feed. Feels about 280 pounds lighter. 

I'll try to break out of the 'here's what I did today' vibe soon. Just warming up.