First glance.

Ok. So i've been in San Francisco for a little while... I can safely say I think it's all going to be very good. I've found a house (and not an apartamento) on a lovely quiet street. It has a backyard, and several other items on my must-have list. There is a bus ride like the 20, which happens to take me to that place if I decide that will be my commute plan for any one day.

Many, many people to look at meet. Crikey, these 'ere San Franciscans are nice people. I feel like i've been here for longer than I have. I've already had one visitor from far away, and expecting another one very soon.

Getting around is easy - except possibly late at night on my own, but I know that now after a slightly scary evening stroll. There's too much to do. Mission one appears to be Recruit Doing Things Buddies. Everyone seems very accommodating in this regard, so that shouldn't be too hard. If worst comes, i'm sure I can manage MOMA on my own.

All appears to be well, although i'm never one to count any chickens.