Let's just say it's a lazy Saturday where I've spent far too much time either in bed, or on the internet, or both. Amongst other things, I've:
  • extended my network
    (incidentally without importing my list of contacts from a central source, but picking and choosing carefully who I thought would share interesting things),
  • bought some slightly suspect vintage shirts
    (eat your hearts out),
  • chatted with Sarah in Chicago, Tom in SF, Dan in Sydney,
  • read up about Scott's ideas around brainstorming,
  • skipped gaily about the prototype of our Very Exciting New Feature that I can't wait to see live
  • added some books to my Amazon desires
  • discovered there's a ton of new language associated with the management of software development
    (new as in not in a dictionary yet),
  • invented a bad, new word: peoport
    (but, the phonetics! remember meces??),
  • made my first (grammatical) correction on Wikipedia, and
  • ignored a few phone calls.
What better way to top it off than to take a MENSA test? I tripped over a very old blog post by someone who was saying he was a genius because he got 20-something out of 33, when all you have to get is at least 19.

So, I find myself at 25 (suckahs), and am buggered if I can find the right answers to the last 8. I openly admit I started to cheat using the internet. I googled 23 P of C on the H C and spotted the answer within my results. Then I had a remarkable crisis of conscience, stopped cheating and decided that I could only ever get 32.

Now that I'm stuck, I find it much easier to make up the answers while I wait for the rays of light:
  • 52 C in a P (W J)
    52 cows in a paddock (without jocularity)
  • 13 S in the U S F
    13 states in the united states fart
  • 3 W on a T
    3 winners on a trifecta (HOW CAN THIS NOT BE RIGHT??)
    3 warts on a toad??
  • 13 L in a B D
    13 ladies in a bawdy dive
  • 23 P of C in the H B
    23 pictures of christmas in the holy bible
    (This is the cheaty one, so disqualified.)
  • 9 P in S A
    9 pains in someone's ass
  • 1000 Y in a M
    I've typed in 1000 years in a millenium. I even typed in 1 thousand years in a millenium, and 1000 years in a millenia, in case they were stupid. (HOW CAN NONE OF THESE BE RIGHT?)
  • 15 M on a D M C
    15 moths on a deliberate moth catcher.
I'll be kicking myself sooner or later.