"I can just slurp as I work."

My Tivo has worked out that I like cooking and ended up suggesting I might like to watch a additional variety of BBQ-related programs, cook-offs, or other slightly random yet suggestive cooking shows.

The reason Tivo's drawn this conclusion is because I've subscribed to the (express) cooking of Nigella Lawson. She's a wealthy-englishwoman-talking, self-proclaimed lazy cook whose whole current series is to teach us about delicious food that's fast to make.

I love her style for a number of reasons: an obvious knowledge and appreciation of good, comforting food, her theme of sustenance + butter = joy, her unabashedly curvy figure, but most of all that fact that she takes an enormous, often messy mouthful of whatever she makes in each segment.

The spoon's always full, she works in dollops (like Lidia), there's always an "ooh", and I need to find a place in SF that sells lamb cutlets so I can try her Calabrian lamb deliciousity.

Affirmation indeed that I need to live in Italy at some stage.