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Monday, 16 March 2009

Messy notes.

I was lucky enough to spend a day at Etech last week, courtesy of my new friend, Matt. It was the first time I'd been, and I was excited to see what all the fuss was about. I was reminded of those heinous days in my past where I had to wake up at Sparrow's Fart to get down to Sunnyvale in time to start work at Yahoo!. No matter.

My favourite type of conference is one that isn't afraid to exert a strong editorial force and suck disparate speakers towards it, towards "Constraint" in this case. Wednesday at Etech proved pretty good at this. One of the themes I drew from the day was the idea that an accumulation of interfaces generates networks. (This is probably an old nod-of-the-head idea, yet for me, it was one of those phrases that immediately consolidated a bunch of random ideas. This is good.) I scrawled a few notes so I thought I'd share them, dig up the URLs, and note where I can why I wrote these things down.

Urban Futures
Chris Luebkeman (Arup)
Creative Commons: Creating Legal and Technical Interoperability
Joichi Ito (Creative Commons)
Jackhammers, Polymers, and Diamonds: New Applications in Explosives
Christa Hockensmith (Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center)
Bicycle Built for Two Thousand
Aaron Koblin
Cookie Scale Computing: Human-Computer Interfaces as Piles of Gesture Sensitive Displays
David Merrill (MIT Media Lab), Jeevan Kalanithi (Taco Lab LLC)
Shared and Sometimes Stealthy: Urban India's Mobile Phone
Molly Steenson (Princeton University School of Architecture)
Mobile Phones Reveal the Behavior of Places and People
Tony Jebara (Columbia University & Sense Networks)
Enabling Citizen Science
Eric Paulos (Carnegie Mellon University)
The New "Situation:" Frameworks for Spatial Mediation
Ben Cerveny (Stamen Design)
Undesigning the Emergency: Against Prophylactic Urban Membranes
Benjamin Bratton (University of California, San Diego) [presentation]

All in all, an interesting day.
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