COVID-19 Journal: Day 135

Occasionally I use the word paradoxically in the place where some of us would possibly use ironically incorrectly. That's because I'm also slightly unsure of where irony lives, which is surprising, given my age. It's very slippery for some of us.

And yet, I think I've discovered one! An irony. It's very personal and very small. They don't have to be grand. Because I'm now in love with Alan Bennett, I was tempted to only write this when interesting things happened, like Alan. I have not written anything here since Day 131. The irony is, or at least I think is that the last four days have been very interesting and I've done more stuff than in the previous 131! In a still slightly boring pandemic-y way! Is that right? Did I spot one?

It's been nice to have a rest from this. But, I've missed it too. Claire checked to see if I was still alive - "U OK?" - thank you. I didn't realise this had become a sign of life!

God! What haven't I done in the last four days? Let's see.
  1. Went to five beaches
  2. Drove about 300 miles
  3. Ate 2x fish & chips (on different days)
  4. Had one ice cream with two scoops
  5. Had three swims
  6. Had two picnics, and fantasised about imitating one of the Fortnum's pricey ones without the foie gras because eiuw
  7. Got sun
  8. Didn't write this
  9. Hardly read the news
  10. Didn't set the alarm

Holiday within holiday pandemic!

I did have the startling experience of seeing a photo of oneself and believing it to be (a) one's mother and (b) in dire need of a more supportive bathing suit. I am on track to fix (b), and am not worried about (a) in the least, apart from its intersection with (b).