Pet hate.

Some people call them pet peeves, but I think that sounds a little wishy-washy when you actually hate what you're talking about.

I catch the bus to and from work just about every day. Most of the time I have to sit next to someone, unless it's really late.

I hate it when people sit down next to you on the bus and somehow manage to be touching you more than is normal. It's like they are literally sitting on you, or feel as if they know you, or have terrible pins and needles on their entire left side so don't acknowledge the sensation of touching you or eating their tuna sandwiches on you or crushing their pills on you. Don't get me wrong - a bit of delicate contact is fine, it's just when someone doesn't give a shit about their own personal space that I hate.

Similarly, when strolling down the street on a sunny Vankie day, I hate it when people don't move to accommodate me as I have done (and always do) for them. I mentioned this to my roomie Michelle, who told me in no uncertain terms that if she feels that her footpath opponent isn't going to give, she puts her shoulder down and has a Red Hot Go.

So, if you see me on a bus, don't sit all over me unless I know you. Particularly if i'm feeling a bit shitty. Or else, my shoulder might say hi to yer face. Innit.